Monday, 20 Nov 2017
Business Immigration  E-mail

Canada has a strong economic culture. If you have experience running or investing in businesses, you may qualify to come to Canada as a business immigrant.

Canada welcomes three types of business immigrants for their contributions to Canada's economic and social progress.

There are three types of business immigrants:

1. Investors are individuals with a net worth of at least $800,000, and who must make an investment of $400,000 CDN with the Receiver General for five years.
2. Entrepreneurs are individuals with a net worth of at least $300,000, and who must create, actively manage a business in Canada for one year, and hire one full-time Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

Self-Employed immigrants must demonstrate that they have the relevant experience, intention and ability to become economically established in Canada by creating their own employment and contributing significantly to Canada's cultural or artistic life, competition in athletics, or through the purchase and management of a farm in Canada.

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