Monday, 20 Nov 2017

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Canada Opens More Occupations under the Express Entry System

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We are the largest, most recognized and reputable Canadian immigration consultant in the Philippines. No other immigration firm comes close to the services we have been offering our client.

We are a company dedicated to helping Filipinos get ahead in life by immigrating to Canada. In our more than twenty (20) years in the business, we have helped thousands of Filipinos make their dreams of a better life come true – over 50,000 of them, and we are still counting.

We have records and proofs of Immigrant Visas issued by the Canadian Embassy to our clients monthly. We believe that we are the only consultancy firm that can provide this much luxury to clients.

We have been employing a licensed Canadian lawyer for over ten years, even before the Canadian government passed their law about Authorized Immigration Representatives.

We are a team where innovation is celebrated and optimism is inherent in how we think and act, because everything we do contributes to our clients' success. That is where we get a real sense of job satisfaction.

By working together and by developing stronger relationships with our partners and clients, we are creating one of the world's greatest immigration companies. We are CIC.

We help make your dreams come true.
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