Monday, 20 Nov 2017
Provincial Nominee

Most Canadian provinces have programs that encourage immigrants to settle in those provinces and benefit their economies.

The Provincial Nominee Program allows each province to nominate or select immigrants who will contribute to the particular labour and economic needs of that province.  Each province is allowed to establish its own selection criterions and procedures to choose immigrants according to their ability to integrate and successfully settle in that province.

Similar to the Skilled Worker Immigration Program, applicants are selected on the basis of a point system designed to target individuals who will fulfill the labour and economic needs of that province.  Points are attributed on various grounds, such as education, work experience, age, etc.  Each province sets the number of points to be attributed to each category.

One must keep in mind that Citizenship and Immigration Canada has the final decision on admissibility. The applicant must be admissible on the basis of security, criminal, and medical grounds.

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