Study in Canada

From student to immigrant

Canada has an excellent educational system, especially for those looking to pursue higher education as a stepping stone to permanent residency and ultimately citizenship.

The education pathway to immigration not only provides Canada standard qualifications employers are familiar with, but it immerses applicants in the Canadian way of life. This makes it easier for prospective immigrants to adjust to living in the country.

There are other benefits to the education pathway. Students can help pay their living expenses since foreign students can work for 20 hours each week. Spouses or common law partners accompanying a student can work fulltime. Their work permits are valid for the same period as the student’s study permit.

Moreover, Canada encourages international students to work in the country upon graduation. Its Post Graduate Work Permit allows graduates to work for any Canadian employer based on the duration of their course, to a maximum of three years.

Gaining work experience will help you turn your Study or Post Graduate Work Permit into permanent residency through a variety of immigration programs such as the Canadian Experience Class and Provincial Nominee Programs.

If you are looking at the education pathway to immigration, it is advisable that your choice of educational course is in line with your Philippine-based education or current career.

CIC has helped countless Filipinos return to school in Canada as a first step towards living and working in the country. Count on us as your partner in navigating the complex process involved in gaining permanent residency through the education pathway.

Start your journey to live and work in Canada right here.

Our online assessment system will evaluate your eligibility to immigrate.

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