Why choose Canada?

There are many reasons to call Canada home. In this country, even Permanent Residents can enjoy the same rights and benefits as citizens

Canada is one of the most welcoming places for new immigrants and Permanent Residents. Immigration is in fact considered one critical source of population growth
Freedom to live, work and study anywhere in Canada, even as a permanent resident
Access one of the world’s most developed social assistance and benefits programs with the same rights and privileges as Canadian citizens, even as a new immigrant or permanent resident
Enjoy access to excellent medical and healthcare benefits, world-class free schooling and subsidized university education
Protection under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Economically secure and stable environment ensures workers earn a living income
One of the most flexible permanent residence programs – they only need to live in Canada for two years in a five-year period
Excellent quality of life – rated #1 in U.S. News in partnership with Y&R’s BAV and Wharton’s Global Quality of Life study

Start your journey to live and work in Canada right here.

Our online assessment system will evaluate your eligibility to immigrate.

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Getting Ready

With just 90 working days to file your application, it pays to get all your documents in order before submitting your Express Entry application